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29th January 2017

May saw hatches of buzzers and olives, which brought the fish up in the water. During the last week of May Damselflies started to come off. The most productive method was fishing buzzers on long leaders or Damsel Nymphs.

During the month 102 angler visits resulted in 224 trout being caught giving an average of 2.20 trout per visit. We still have a few vacancies for this season. I you are interested please get in touch.


On the 6th of May, Newplatt Flyfishers hosted the annual Salmon & Trout inter branch competition. There were S&T members from Shropshire and Staffordshire together with members from the Cheshire branch. A total of 15 anglers fished from both the boats and the bank and a total of 34 trout were caught, some anglers catching 8 trout. Only 2 trout per angler were allowed to be killed and at the weigh in the heaviest bag was awarded to Mr D. Kettle, Chairman of Staffordshire Branch and the Team event was won by Cheshire Branch. All guests were very impressed by the the venue and remarked on the quality of the fish.

The Cheshire Branch will be hosting the Salmon & Trout Association inter branch fur & feather competition at Newplatt on the 11th of November.


As the month progressed the weather improved and more anglers visited Newplatt. There was another stocking during the month and the total number of visits increased to 68. The total number of fish caught was 99 giving a rod average of 1.46


January has been a mixture of very mild and very cold days. Not conducive to good fishing! No anglers ventured onto the water during the month.

Annual subscriptions (£320.00) are due as at the 1st of February and prompt payment would be appreciated. The lake is due to be stocked on the 6th or 7th of February when it is hoped that the weather will be a little warmer.

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